Thursday, May 7, 2009

For Jessica :)

Jessica made a comment that she was checking to see more kitchen photos- here you go, girl! I went to go look at faucets today at a kitchen/bath showroom. We haven't found anything we like at the big box stores, so I was excited to go to a place that specializes in fixtures. We really feel like all the things that are going to be touched in the new kitchen should feel sturdy and slick :), so I found a few fixtures I comes the part where Mark comes with me and we try to agree- fortunately, we have similar taste, so it should be easy!

This is the sink area- see where that vent is, right by the door? Ya, real energy efficient. We'll be taking that out and moving the counter all the way to the door, and then placing the sink cabinet on an angle so we can put a regular sink in there.

Goodbye old sink. You are gross.

The wall opened up- it's HUGE without that wall there! On the other side of that plastic is another good 10 feet of the dining room!

No more ugly tile.

Nasty. See all that black mold? No wonder no matter how much I cleaned, this place just smells kinda...well...moldy. Now I know why.

We'll be out of a functioning kitchen all next week, granite should come around the 18th and then we'll be back in business! The next round of pics should hopefully include the newly-installed oven and moved sink cabinet.