Sunday, November 29, 2009

The to-do list for today

For the last several months, our weekends have been overwhelmed by projects around here. While it is fun, the novelty is wearing off and we are ready to be DONE and relax! Our goal is to have everything, and I mean everything, done by Christmas so we can do just that before baby girl makes her debut. We realized how overwhelmed we were by all that needs to be done, and we decided to put it all on a list (even though we could recite the list in our head). There's just something about checking off a list that makes a person feel accomplished! So, the list is long and a full one-page, but we've been able to cross off several things in the last couple of weeks. Here's what is on the list for today:

- Finish painting trim and front door (these take 1 coat of primer and 3 coats of white paint...NOT fun!)
-Install closet doors for new pantry, cleaning closet, and coat closet
-Trim bushes in front yard
-Bake cranberry-apple pie (ok, so not on the official list, but important nonetheless)
-Make barbeque chili and cornbread- must have something good cooking on the stove to look forward to after all the work!
-Put up Xmas tree and decorate
-Bring in more of our stuff that has been stored in the garage
-Hang towel rack in bathroom

I'll stop there and check in later to see how we did! Hope you all have a more relaxing Sunday than us! :)

Friday, November 27, 2009


This is me at 29 1/2 weeks and the first year I didn't have to suck in after Thanksgiving dinner. :) Every woman's dream, right? Things have been busy around here, and as usual, the blogging is the first thing to get neglected. I was reading over some of my old posts during pregnancy and wishing I wrote more because it's neat to look back and see how I was feeling at a certain point. I can hardly believe that in a little over 10 weeks we'll have a little baby girl to take of and learn about. Here's what we've been up to lately...

-Yesterday we cleaned out the car and installed the car seat- that was fun. :)
- LOTS of finishing touches going on at home. We made our to-do list (a whole page long) of tings to get done before baby arrives and have been trying to tackle a few tasks each weekend. It's amazing how GOOD it feels to be able to check something off the list!
-Enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving at my parents' house with Mark's parents and my extended family. I tried a few new recipes that turned out great!
-I only have 6 more weeks of teaching left, which just blows my mind. I've had a full-time job for the last 6 years; I have a bit of anxiety over not contributing financially to our family...that being said, I'm so grateful to be able to be at home after the baby is born and not worry about returning to work right away.
-Contemplating going out to shop today- it is Black Friday and I've discovered that there are just as many deals I may stay here, put up the Xmas tree, and shop from the couch. Besides, I love getting packages in the mail, even if I know what is in them!
-Still thinking about names for baby girl, we're not actively searching, so I think we've pretty much settled, but we both think we'll have to look at her before we name her.
-Mark declared the other day "I don't want any video games for Christmas". Wow. Things are sure changing around here.
- He then said "Well, maybe just Modern Warfare 2".
- I've been in a cooking rut. I tried some great new recipes a couple weeks ago, but we've been so busy in the evenings lately that it's hard to cook every night and then we just end up eating the same go-to things...looking forward to Christmas break from school and a chance to experiment in the kitchen more.
- Looking forward to taking a walk by the lake today- it's such a beautiful day, but who knows how long the rain-less weather will last?!

I'll post some "after" shots of the house soon, I know I've been saying that forever, but I just want things to be in their place before I snap any photos. :)

Hoping you had a fabulous Thanksgiving yesterday- I'm so thankful for so many things this year, too many to list, but definitely including Mark, our baby, our health, our jobs, our home, and our wonderful families and friends. We are truly blessed by a God who chooses to shower us with these gifts despite how undeserving we are.