Tuesday, June 29, 2010

busy busy!

Things have been a bit crazy around here lately and with a full summer of little vacations and wedding events for Mark's cousin (we're both in the wedding party), I'm learning quickly how to balance everything in this new role of mine. Brynn continues to amaze us with her constant cuteness and we can hardly believe that she turned 4 months old on the 17th. We've been doing some sleep training with her since Friday (another post altogether)- she's doing really well and it's been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders because it will be much easier to leave her with others now that she can put herself to sleep on her own.

We started solid foods last week- her pediatrician recommended skipping rice cereal and moving on to a fiber-rich veggie since her poopin' schedule suggests the cereal could make her constipated. Sweet peas were her first bite and I've been amazed that she's been eating all we've been giving her and not just swirling it around in her mouth and spitting it out. She likes to eat, just like her parents! =) I received the Beaba Babycook for a gift and I can't wait to start putting it to use with all the awesome summer produce starting to become available!

Definitely feeling the itch of needing to commit to an exercise routine- feelin' reeeeeaaaal squishy lately. I had to stop running a few years ago because of a back issue that I suspect had more to do with me wearing high heels every day. Now that I don't do that anymore, I'm hoping to try running again with some success.

We tore down our upstairs deck and closed off the door that used to lead to it from one of our bedrooms upstairs- it was starting to rot and a future kid-bedroom with a door to a 2nd story deck didn't seem like the best idea. That's our awesome "can do it all" neighbor in the picture. He's great.

The photo of Mark and Brynn in the Bjorn is from a little hike we went on a few weeks ago- there are some fun little trails close to us that are perfect for the spontaneous "wanna go for a hike?" line that comes from our mouths often. Mark is totally addicted to the Bjorn- he loves wearing it. I don't blame him- Brynn is so sweet and content when she's in there...she loves to look around and hold hands while she's being carried in that thing.

We celebrated our 7th anniversary on the 28th- hard to believe it's been that long! Since we got married before the digital age, none of our pictures are super accessible, so not as easy to post on here- but just imagine us thinner, tanner, and still going gaga over each other and that's pretty much what we looked like back then. =)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ok...so what I meant was...

...June 10th AND June 7th. After I wrote that last post, I was thinking about how I remember finding out I was pregnant on a Sunday, but if June 10th was a Thursday this year, that means it would have been a Wednesday last year.


So, I looked back through iphoto, knowing that I had taken a picture of that test, and whaduyaknow?

If only I would have waited 3 more days to take that test...it would've made for a real good story. Ah, well.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 10

June 10th has become a very good day for the Pearson family. Two big events have taken place on this day, the first being this was the day that Mark and I met.

Here's the story...

It was the summer after my sophomore year of college and I was home for the summer and singing in the choir at my home church. I had sworn off boys (which is typical for every girl at some point in their life) =) and was excited to be surrounded by all my old friends..."old" is being used as an adjective to describe their age, not relationship status...my church had a lot of old people. Just then, Mark and his dad walked in and sat down in the congregation...I immediately had a chat with the Lord. It went a little like this:

Me: "Lord, there is a really cute guy out there today...see him? Tall, dark, handsome? Ya, him. I'm just wondering if you'd like me to meet him? If so, I'll wait for you to create an opportunity...preferably right after the service."
God: "..."

Right after the service, Mark and his dad left...like, I've never seen two men walk so quickly out of a church service.

God has a sense of humor. Boy do I love that about Him. :)

I proceeded to tell just about anyone who would listen to me at church about the cute boy I saw that morning. So pretty much everyone knew that I was gaga over this guy.

That night, I was helping with a fundraiser dinner for a mission trip I was going on later that summer and guess who walked in...yup, Mark and his parents. Now, mind you, Mark swam competitively for the UW, so he had a body that could NOT be missed. I can say that because we're married now. Because of an afro that later on in the summer became a mullet (another story altogether), he also had hair that set him apart from the crowd. Picture this- right as he walked in, every eye, and I mean EVERY eye, was on me since I had told anyone and everyone about my crush and, like I said before, because of the majority of the congregation of my church, it was obvious THIS was the boy I had gushed about. Being the outgoing girl that I was (am?), I hid behind any large person I could find for a bit while gearing up to go talk to...gulp...him. When I finally did, he talked me up about how he wanted to become a professional windsurfer and a bunch of other stuff that I totally ate up. Later on, he showed up in my line to get spaghetti and I made a total fool of myself as I talked and didn't pay attention to how many scoops of spaghetti I gave him...needless to say, he was very full. As the evening was winding down, I was panicking trying to figure out how to get his number before he left, so I walked over to Mark and told him we had a great college-age bible study going on for the summer and that we should exchange numbers so I could let him know when it was happening. After I got his number, I walked over to my pastor and told him we needed to start a college-age bible study for the summer because I just told a really cute guy that we had one...hey, here we are about to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, so I'd say I've made up for that little fib at this point.

Our courtship moved relatively quickly- after 3 weeks of hanging out, Mark told me he loved me- the first and only man to tell me so...we didn't kiss until we were together 6 months, most people in our lives thought that was weird, some thought it was cool. It was an amazing way to get to know someone and as a woman in this day in age, having a guy want to spend time with me and not go THERE is really rare, and so I cherished it, though it was difficult...remember...he was a swimmer. =) I'm so thankful for Mark- each day I love him more and we still have so much fun together, just today I almost fell over laughing during one of our conversations. He's still as handsome, charming, and thoughtful as he was while we were dating and I'm so excited to watch him treat Brynn with the same adoration he shows me every single day.

And now, the second reason June 10th is a good day: this girl.

Last year on June 10th, which was a Sunday I remember, I woke up, peed on a stick, went back to bed and waited for the longest 3 minutes of my life. I had taken many pregnancy tests before and so while I knew the drill, nothing could have prepared me for what I would feel as I realized that this time, there were TWO lines. I remember jumping back in bed with the stick to show Mark and we just sort of sat there in amazement...it's incredible and such a miracle that this little lady that has stolen our hearts began growing inside my womb only a year ago.

So...there it is...June 10th. I'm so thankful for this day- with each of these special events, my little family has been created.