Thursday, April 30, 2009

The remodel...phase one

First, I hate blogger. Why can't it just put the pictures in order like I uploaded them? GRR!!
So...the dust has started blowing at the Pearson home. Since blogger is a little stinker, I'll have to talk about things backwards. In this phase, we're working on parts of the kitchen- new sink/oven/countertops and knocking out a wall inbetween the kitchen and dining room. Very exciting. Then this summer we'll reface the cabinets and replace all the flooring on the main level with hardwood.

Our dinner the first night with no kitchen...not bad! of course, I'm holding a glass of wine in my remodel is complete without it! :)

The plastic wall. :)

Oh, old oven. How sad to see you go...not really. you burn everything, you kinda smell like chemicals every time I use you, you have weird seed things stuck in your control panel. How will I live without you? Happily.

The wall where the oven and fridge were (see before pics below) The fridge will go in that little corner.

The WORST sink setup ever! Can't wait to change it!

Looking into the living room...and the plastic wall.

The wall where the oven/fridge were.

The kitchen before. The dining room is on the other side of the wall where the fridge/oven is. There is a small pass-through hallway on the other side of the fridge, but it's so small and we never use our dining room because it feels like a cave in there. With everything opened up, we're hoping we'll use it more often.

Before...don't mind me. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Busy bullets...

Hmm...that title sounds kinda weird...but you know what I mean, right? :)

you might be (or maybe not) =) wondering where I've been...well, I've been trying to limit my internet time because I feel like it's can be an endless pit and a time-sucker at times. I used to really love blogging and seeing what my buddies are up to through this venue, but lately, I'd rather just call them or get together in person. So, I have 10 minutes online right now and I'm going to use a few to get caught up...Here's what we've been up to:

-I'm on spring break this week and have loved hanging out with friends and getting stuff done around the house.
-The remodel start date is fast-approaching! I can't wait...for it to be over! :)
-Bought a stainless steel, convection, Kitchen Aid oven on Craigslist for...ready?...$400! It looks brand-new AND still has 5 years left on the warranty! They retail for $2400 or so...totally a "God" thing.
-Been working out 3 times/week and going to the chiropractor for my back issue. I really don't want it to be a problem in pregnancy and so I need to get on top of it now.
- I've started singing with the worship team at church and I love's such a big place, I knew I needed to get involved in order to feel a part of the community...we're still looking for a small group.
-Getting a bunch of stuff together to sell on Craigslist this week.
-Getting a haircut today, nothing exciting, just a trim...although I'd love a 'do like Anne. :) I'm not brave enough, though. She looks so cute, I'd just look like an egg-head.
-Trying to make decisions with Mark on flooring, cabinets, paint...the great thing about being married to a designer. :) Although, I have a pretty strong eye, so it usually takes us a while to make a choice together.
-My phone is driving me crazy, I want to throw it against the wall.
-School is going great, can't believe we're only 10 weeks away from the last day of school!

Okay, my minutes are up! Time to go fold some laundry- have a great afternoon, friends!