Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My oh my, how time flies...

Well, here it is, over a week and my first post. Yikes. So much for the "once a week" goal! Oh well. Things from the last week and a half:

-A great Easter weekend spent with family and friends, celebrating Mark's sister's 25th birthday, and having some time to myself on Friday night to fold laundry, bake Easter goodies for friends, and watch "Becoming Jane". Have you seen this movie? EXCELLENT!

-My first "Open House" at school. It was great to meet all the parents and be greeted with such heart-warming comments, coming in mid-year.

-Trying to pin down ideas for my spring break coming up. Hoping to catch up with friends, but also get some things down around here like refinishing a couple pieces of furniture...just have to decide on colors.

-Had a couple dizzy spells this week. I stayed home from work yesterday because of it. Hopefully it's just a weird bug, but prayers are appreciated. I have a doc appointment in a few weeks, so we'll see. Does anyone else wish it was standard procedure to do an entire "body scan" each time you're in for a physical so you can see that everything is okay on the inside?

-My principal observed me teach today and it went fabulously. Anyone who teaches understands what I mean...well-behaved students, engaged minds, my lesson carefully scaffolded, preparing them to answer questions by giving them creative ways to make sure they had the right answer...I was a bit nervous about it, seeing as this was my first "official" observation that will go in my records, but the Lord was with me and I truly felt it.

-Lots of really fun and delicious things have been created and devoured in my kitchen this last week...of course consumed with interesting new wines as well!

-Our weekends have been full of friends, yard work, much so that we STILL have not visited the church in our neighborhood that we've been wanting to try...I know, we're bad.

What's on the docket for the next few days? Well....for us...WORK! :) But then, prepping our home for a weekend of friends coming over for dinner, a birthday party, another dinner party, and our Sunday looks open for church and a visit to our local coffee and cupcake shop! 

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So, all of my blogging friends have such inventive ideas when it comes to things to post about. Well, it all started for me today with this latte (notice the green bowl in the background that spawned my idea). I thought, "How can I celebrate St. Patty's day on my blog?" And then it came to me...I decided to go around my house and take pictures of any green that I saw. Trust me, there could have been about 50 more pictures; I know that we like green, but I couldn't believe how often it showed up in EVERY room! Anyone want to join in on this activity? :)

my green slippers on the green pool table

green in the weight room

the green candle in the kitchen

green candle on the landing

green duvet on my bed

Mark loves this one...the green carpet in our room leading to the even greener carpet in the hallway...oh brother.

green night-light in the bathroom

green shirt in the ironing basket

green Sonicare

green leather ottoman (which looked SO cute, by the way, in our condo office that it was bought for), but now just looks weird on the green carpet.

green cover on a book that Mark made as an assignment in college

green leaf on my Bible cover

green on my pot, flower leaves, and rug at my front door

green stems 

3 floors of green...please oh please let this be changed by NEXT St. Patty's day!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

There's more where these came from...

I got this from Mandy...join in friends!

7 random facts about me:

1. I have to prep my coffeemaker at night for the next day, complete with freshly ground beans and the "auto-on" feature. Nothing wakes me up like the smell of brewing coffee as I come into the kitchen after my morning workout and shower...mmm...I can't wait for tomorrow. :)

2. I can't stand other people touching my pillow. Mark knows this and it's always the thing he does to annoy me. If I see him rubbing his head or body on my pillow, I have to change the case on it. Is that weird? Probably.

3. I love eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, in a mug, with a fork. It just tastes better that way.

4. Sniffing gives me a headache. If I even have the slightest runny nose, I have to blow it out, even if it seems uncalled for. We go through a lot of tissues in the Pearson house.

5. My brother sometimes calls me "Biggens"...It's always been the joke of the family that I'm the only woman in 3 generations to have such a full...ahem...bosom.

6. I can't swallow pills. I used to be able to swallow giant vitamins and pills, but somehow, over the last few years, I've developed a very sensitive gag reflex...imagine how terrified I was of starting to take prenatal vitamins! My doctor said I could mash them up and mix them into juice or yogurt- she thought it would taste worse, but I'd much rather taste it than dry-heave over the kitchen sink for hours trying to get one down! I know...gross.

7. I have a chip in one of my front teeth. Years ago, while trying to impress some kid I was babysitting, I ended up falling on a toy and chipped my tooth. My dentist always fixes it when I go in, but if I bite into an apple or carrot , sometimes the filament comes off and you can see (gasp!) the chip!

Okay, I'm done...Song,'re it!