Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alderbrook Resort

This past weekend, my parents invited us to get away at the Alderbrook Resort on Hood Canal. My parents love this place and have been there a few times- we had never been there and with Friday being the last day of school for winter break, it was perfect timing! Please excuse the amount of pictures with me sans-makeup, but when you're on vaca with the fam, that's definitely something that gets dropped fast. :)

There were these awesome fire pits all over the resort that were on early in the morning and late into the night. We were staying in a cottage and every morning we walked to the main building to get some fresh coffee (they had decaf- I'm such a good little pregnant lady) and took time to warm ourselves by the fires.

Mom and I slipped away to the spa to get pedicures, which was so great since the last time I tried to do my own toenails, I nearly passed out trying to bend over. I got to lay on this comfy bed while mom got her nails done. So fun.

Mom showing off her awesome calf muscles and perfect foot arch.

Now, I realize I look terrible here, but Mark loves this picture. He says it's ridiculous that my brother is doing this to me and I have no reaction on my face, whatsoever. All of you girls with brothers know why I'm not reacting, right? After a few minutes, he left me alone. :)

The view from our couch, every cottage had it's own little Christmas tree!

Again, pay no attention to how awful I look...Mark said this is his favorite picture of me pregnant. The cheese balls started as kind of a joke, and ended up...well...actually eaten.

Mark captured our riveting game of chess. Truth be told, we're both pretty horrible, but each of us ended up winning one of the 2 games we played.

The beautiful main lobby.

Me and mom, sans shower and makeup. Notice I'm still holding the cheeseballs.

The elementary schools in the area had a display of gingerbread houses the kids made. Some of them were pretty interesting and some we wondered if the kids actually had anything to do with the creation or if it was only the parents. :)

I only put this one up here because my jaw kind of drops when I look at my belly in this picture. I mean, it looks like I swallowed a basketball!

This turned out kinda fuzzy because of the lighting, but we thought this sign was hilarious!

It was a great weekend filled with great food, movies, reading, walks, going to bed early and sleeping in, and we returned rested and ready for the craziness of Christmas week. At this moment, I'm trying to muster the motivation to get up and make another batch of peppermint bark, wrap some presents, and address the Christmas cards. My mind is not pregnant and is raring to go, yet my body is feeling VERY pregnant and wants nothing more than to sit on the couch and watch tv. Hmm....which one will win tonight? :)