Friday, February 12, 2010

40-week photo shoot

What do the Pearsons do when we're 4 days past our due date? Mark sets up a photo shoot! It was dark out, so Mark had to do some interesting things with the lighting, but we're really happy with how these turned out, especially since it was such a spontaneous idea!

I'm scheduled to be induced on Tuesday- I'd MUCH rather she come on her own, and I much prefer the element of surprise that is the opposite of induction, but I am getting pretty uncomfortable and SO excited to meet this little baby that is still very active in my belly.

So, here's to hoping she comes out on her own before Tuesday! Hope you're all enjoying the day! I'm off for a nice long walk and maybe a latte. =)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


* This is definitely the most exciting event we've ever waited for. I am anxious, but can't wait for "it" to happen.

* It is now February, the month we've been waiting for for almost a year, really. So far, I think I'm being pretty patient in my waiting, but I can imagine by the end of next week, if nothing happens, I may get a bit more, ahem, cranky about the whole situation.

* My house is super clean, my laundry is done, the baby's things have been organized and re-organized about 5 million times. I've cooked and frozen meals, baked goodies, and talked on the phone a lot.

* I feel like, for the first time in my life, my name truly represents my character with all the nesting that is going on around here...

* We had almost $50 in change that I turned into bills sitting in our change jar, so Mark is coming home early and we're going out to celebrate "waiting"...and then watch the season premiere of LOST.

* Last year, we had planned to go over to our friends' house for dinner and ended up having to reschedule because our friend went into labor - today, that friend called and they're planning to come over to our house for dinner on Friday...we're hoping they can return the favor. =)