Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July fun!

We had LOTS of fun this past weekend at our family cabins in Spokane. The weather wasn't great, but we were able to: have great chats with extended family, take naps with Brynn instead of doing chores, enjoy a mostly "media-fee" 5 days, eating delicious creations from my brother, who has become quite the bbq master, and relish in the fact that Brynn will now be able to enjoy this place that I have enjoyed since I was her age! So fun!

Brynn has now chowed down on several fruits and veggies and the girl loves to eat- she almost snarls as she tries to catch the spoon in her mouth before it quite reaches her.

Mark enjoyed playing around with the camera and captured some awesome night shots- he is so talented!

On the way home, we experienced the biggest, and I mean biggest, poop in the history of poops. I was all over Brynn, head to toe, all over the car seat AND even went ALLLLLLLLL the way down to the car seat base! How does that even happen?! Super gross and definitely a two-person job to clean up...and then we had the 6-hour drive home. =) Brynn must have been on a blow-out spree because that night when we arrived home, she had pooped again, and then the next day as I was walking through the store with her in the front pack, I realized she had pooped all over herself and it was all over the baby bjorn and my shirt. Awesome. Of course, as I had just begun my grocery shopping, I had to keep going...clearly I have my priorities straight: food first, poop second.