Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tag, I'm it!

So I guess I do have one more post to do...thanks, Christy. =)

The rules to play the Fantastic Four Meme are simple:
Copy/paste the questions into your blog
Type in your answers
Tag four people on your list
Don’t forget to change the answers to your own!

FOUR PLACES I GO OVER AND OVER AND OVER: Target, Safeway, work, World Market

FOUR PEOPLE WHO EMAIL/IM ME REGULARLY: Kristy, Mark, co-workers (they count as one) =), mom.

FOUR PLACES I LIKE TO EAT: Cactus, Typhoon, although since we're no longer in Kirkland, both these places aren't as close =( , The Rock, Salty's.

FOUR PLACES I’D RATHER BE RIGHT NOW: Somewhere tropical with a cold drink, shopping (predictable), on a date with Mark (although he is right next to me, so maybe this counts?), hanging with the Turners.

FOUR TV SHOWS I COULD WATCH OVER AND OVER: Jon and Kate Plus 8, Friends, The Office, The Real Housewives of Orange County (don't judge).

FOUR PEOPLE THAT I THINK WILL RESPOND: Mandy, Bree, Tiffany (since she has so much time with a new baby!) Sara.

What's new...list format

It's been a while, so much going on, so much to say, not much motivation to put it here. =) But a list seems easy and productive, so here it goes!

-Really enjoying the new bible study that Christy started...I can tell many new friendships will be born!
-Mark and I are getting involved in our new church and really happy about it.
-Been organizing a lot lately around here.
-2 weeks away from being debt-free!
-Looking forward to planning our remodel soon.
-Spending lots of time with family.
-Loving my students and how smart and funny they are.
-Looking forward to mid-winter break in February.
-Want to go thrift shopping in Redmond, anyone want to go? =)
-Talking/thinking/praying/preparing/hoping for a family this year.
-Having lots of fun and good talks with Mark lately.

Hope everyone else is well! I do miss blog-land, but you all do such a better job than I do, so I'd rather look at yours! =)