Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Found out yesterday...

...That I'm not pregnant. :( Last time I saw Aunt Flo was July 24th. After a blood test, it's been confirmed.


I'm going to have a glass of wine. :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

When the hubby is away...

I play!

Mark is away at "Man's Weekend", which began Thursday and will go til tomorrow. My poor brother, who broke his leg and had to have surgery on Thursday, will be surrounded by all his "man friends", doing all the things that men do best. :)

Yesterday, after being at work until almost 8pm, I had a very exciting evening. Here's what I did:
- ate leftovers
- played with my new label-maker (don't be a hater)
- baked cookies
- went to bed at 10

Now, I'm enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee (btw, I've noticed that all bloggers seem to love a fresh cup of coffee) and then I'm off in a bit to get my hair colored and have lunch/go shopping with my dad. :)

I'm trying out a new salon and I'm a bit nervous. Is it appropriate to ask for prayer for my hair?

After that, I'm probably come home and scrub toilets this afternoon. I know, thrilling. Ever since school started, it's been so crazy during the week that I forget to make plans for the weekend- I need to work on that because I don't want my friends to think I'm lame.

Sunday I'll go to church and then meet up with Mark for his dad's birthday celebration.

I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful weekend! I'll post pictures of my new 'do later!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Probably only 3 of you will care about this... =)

...But, after seeing blogger friends talking about missing episodes of "The Hills", I have to tell you that I now exclusively watch it online. It's only, like, a 20 minute commitment because there's only 1 commercial during breaks instead of 3 or 4. And the best part? Because it runs on "Eastern" time, the show is available to watch at 7pm on the MTV website instead of 10pm on tv!

I know, I know, you're thinking, "Robin, why do watch that terrible trash-of-a-show?!" The answer is that I really don't know...it's like a black hole- I get sucked in every time. It's so bad that it's actually to the point where it's like a chore I do on Monday night...I was almost MAD when I noticed this Monday night that 2 episodes were posted- I was so excited to go to bed because I was exhausted...but NO, I had to watch 2 episodes of "The Hills" before then.

So, that's all. Pretty lame, I know...but like I said, about 3 of you will care. =)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A new truck- for good reason.

Mark and I have been talking a lot lately about how we can do a better job preparing financially for our future. We've been listening to Dave Ramsey lately and he has some pretty radical ideas, some of which are a bit extreme (like selling your brand new car), but we decided to do it. Mark bought a brand new black Honda civic last summer when the car he was driving (my old civic from high school) finally got a bill that was more than it was worth.

Well, in thinking about how to prepare for kids in the near future and just the overall picture, we decided to do something to get rid of that pesky car payment, quick. We thought about just getting an older car (we saw several nice BMWs in our price range) =), but ultimately thought a truck would be great because we're always borrowing my dad's for house/yard stuff. Mark is riding the bus now to work, so he'll just be driving it to the park-and-ride. He found this truck and fell in love with it. It's in great shape and has such a classic look to it...well, I guess it IS a classic, and that's why. =)

So, we feel really good about it and as soon as we sell the civic (anyone interested???) we'll have one less bill each month-yay!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tonight's indulgences...

Savoring chocolate-espresso gelato and watching "The Hills" online. It's been a looooong day.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lists are more efficient, and that's what I need these days...

What's been happening:

- Mark and Aaron (bro) built fire pit behind garage- lots of "man stuff" happening there
- Lots of ripe berries and apples, but no one to pick them =(
- I have a fabulous class, all very smart and helpful
- Made calzones with Mark last night
- Made 2 loaves of pumpkin bread and 1 batch of chocolate dipped biscotti
- Lots of pregnant moms/new babes around here
- Bbq with Mark's extended family at his parent's lake house
- Birthday party for Pam at Joey's
- Enjoying the summer sunsets from our living room
- Really looking forward to fall- my favorite season!

Hope you're all well!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sigh. Labor Day Weekend.

-Sat/laid on the couch WAY too much this weekend
-Tomorrow is the first day of school- my first day in my own classroom
-29, count 'em, 29 4th graders
-Thinking about what I'm going to wear tomorrow
-Dreaming about the future...
-Bit into a REALLY weird tasting red pepper
-Hoping, praying I'll be able to sleep tonight
-Fun times with family
-FOUR hour coffee date. That was fun. =)
-Ethiopian food with friends
-Light yard work
-Rejoicing with the news of new baby boys in 2 different families