Friday, December 3, 2010

Thankful November- day 27-30

Our internet has been acting up over the last couple weeks, and I just haven't had the patience to blog knowing that I may get kicked off and have to start over, BUT I really wanted to finish these Thankful November posts, so here I am...on December 3rd. =)

Day 27: Today I'm thankful for yummy-smelling candles. Growing up, my mom always had a candle burning in the kitchen and as a "sensory" person, and one with a very sensitive nose, smell has always been part of what sets the mood in my home. The first thing I do most mornings, after turning on the coffeepot of course, is lighting whatever candle I have showcased in my kitchen. Right now it's a pine-scented one, since we have a fake tree I'm trying to convince myself it's real with the candle. =) I love making our home more inviting by making sure it smells nice with a candle.

Day 28: Today I'm thankful for my mom. She is one of my favorite people. She has taught me many things over the years and I've always looked up to her. She's fun to be around, driven, caring, among many others. She worked full-time when my brother and I were growing up and I still don't know how she managed a demanding career, kids, and home all at the same time...though I know my dad helped a lot. She's always looking for a fun way to make memories and I look forward to watching her relationship with Brynn develop over the years.

Day 29: Today I'm thankful for nice windows. In our condo, we had old aluminum windows that looked fine, but if we sat next to them, we would freeze! Especially in our bedroom where the only place to put the bed was under the window- there was always a draft all night long. When we bought this house, I was so relieved that new windows had recently been put in since they are expensive and we had so many other projects to spend money on. I seriously think about these windows every day. We have a great view from our house, but we also live REALLY close to the freeway- when we're inside and the windows are closed, you'd never know that. They keep the noise out and help keep our home toasty warm when it's supposed to be that way.

Day 30: Today I'm thankful for our church. We're not as involved as we could be, but the things that we are involved in are food for the soul and we love the people we have befriended through those experiences. Whether it's our small group, my mom's group, helping in the nursery, singing with the worship team, or going to service, I feel surrounded by loving people who share my desire to know the Lord more and serve others.

Now that this month of thankfulness has come to an end, I'm looking forward to spending the month of December focused on Advent, reaching out to those around me, baking A LOT and sharing those treats with my family and friends, and searching for ways to make this season be (as my dear friend Bree says) "more about presence and less about presents". I'm thankful we have Brynn to share Christmas with this year- next weekend we're planning a family date to go visit Santa- we'll see how that goes! =)